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Why You Should Care About Dom’s Wife

Posted by Nick Dinicola on May 22, 2009

I never understood why so many people seemed to hate Dom’s wife, or were at the very least indifferent to her. But even if you didn’t care about her as a character, you should still care about her as a plot device, because she represents a unique kind of storytelling for games.

. . .

I recently saw Angels and Demons, and all throughout the movie I kept thinking how similar it felt to an old point-and-click adventure game. The plot revolved around finding clues and solving environmental puzzles in a race against time. It sounds like the perfect setup for a game, but with the shooter genres currently driving the games industry, I’m afraid it’ll be a long time before an adventure game similar to Angels and Demons is made. In the meantime, I’m excited to get my hands on a copy of Broken Sword: Shadows of the Templars for the Wii. It’ll be interesting to see how it, Assassin’s Creed, and The Da Vinci Code all handle the various myths surrounding the Knights Templar. And if the new information about Heavy Rain is any indicator, perhaps the adventure genre isn’t dead after all.


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