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A Case for Regenerating Health

Posted by Nick Dinicola on May 16, 2009

I understand why gamers are upset over regenerating health in Six Days in Fallujah, but I think the controversy over the health system is unwarranted. Regenerating health will actually add to the experience. I make a case for it over on PopMatters.

I’ve had to start a new game of Far Cry 2 since my old saves were corrupted, but I’ve been surprised at how little I mind. The world of Far Cry 2 is so engaging, so compelling, that all the old missions seem new again. The biggest change from my first game is the new buddies I’ve got with me. Quarbani Singh was my best buddy for a long while, but I never liked him as much as Paul Ferenc. Those first impressions the first time through are the most powerful. The first time a buddy dies in your arms is a moment to remember, and Far Cry 2 purposely builds up to that moment. Your buddy is pretty easy to save the first few times he or she is hurt, but the more your relationship increases, the higher the chance they wont survive. It’s a clever mechanic, and it worked on me because when I accidenlty ran down Quarbani thinking he was a enemey soldier and then blew up three cars next to him, I felt bad but not bad enough to reload a save. Paul Ferenc is still my number 1.


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